What should you know about the state of surveillance in the world today? What can we do as consumers to stop unintentionally contributing to surveillance? The Facial Recognition industry had a reckoning after the murder of George Floyd - are things getting better?

To answer these questions we welcome Liz O'Sullivan to the show.

Liz O'Sullivan is the Surveillance Technology Oversight Project's technology director. She is also the co-founder and vice president of commercial operations at Arthur AI, an AI explainability and bias monitoring startup. Liz has been featured in articles on ethical AI in the NY Times, The Intercept, and The Register, and has written about AI for the ACLU and The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots. She has spent 10 years in tech, mainly in the AI space, most recently as the head of image annotations for the computer vision startup, Clarifai. Full show notes for this episode can be found at Radicalai.org. 

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